Sunday, March 6, 2011

Farmville in Bentong, Pahang

Our base camp
Alright, so I have been slacking when it comes to posting new entries recently. However, I have perfectly legitimate reasons for this. Recently, I have been heavily involved in mantaining a farm
in Bentong Pahang. Bentong is located on the Titiwangsa montain range and is only 1 hour from KL city. Although just an hour away, Bentong is surrounding by dense highland jungle, fresh cool air and icy cold mountain streams. Anyways, more on Bentong on the later postings.

Flowers blooming in front of the house
I have posted pictures below in one of the many trips we have made to Bentong to work on the farm.

4wd is needed to access the farm

The shack is our only shade from rain

Green shoot
The green shoot shot symbolises growth and is very apt to describe this farm. 
The sun is shining right
above our heads
Shades are abundant inside the farm

A narrow plateau provides a fine

Catching a view at the plateau

Scattering fertilizers for the trees
Scrapping out the fungus on
the skin trunk
The difference between the
scrapped area and not
This dragon fruit is really in need of
a trim
Setting up the hoe to use.
Not as easy as it looks!
This stone splitted while we were fixing
the hoe. The grains reveals an
interesting shot.
Me hard at work
Creating a creek from a baby
spring water
The stream is beckoning me
What a relief to submerge my piping
 hot feet into the cool running
mountain water
Another view of the

The past at background and
future at fore
A bunch of durians on the branch
One of the first two durians! Tiny.
Aww man the flesh is rotting

Tadaa..dragon fruit after the
The setting of the sun indicates a good
time to leave
The sun is almost down so finally we call it a day after some good workout. Its about time to look for good food...yum yum.


Jean said...

wow.. nice... soon you will enjoy harvesting liao.. yeah!!!...

Julia said...

Great shots of the farm! :) can't wait to see it in full glory.